Superhero Party

1 Hour Engagement – Perfect for 3-9 year olds

Spidey, Batguy, Superguy, Ironguy, Captain Avenger, Black Panther, Power Ranger, Supergirl, Wonder Woman


Our superheroes come to your party wherever it is: at your home, park or party room in Toronto, the GTA and Surrounding Area.

Grand Entrance

Our Superheroes make a grand entrance with theme music playing; we want the children to know at that moment that they really do have the real thing at their party. Our goal is for all the children to have an awesome time with lots of giggling, joking and fun!

Origin Story

The children are greeted and the superhero tells their origin story in a fun and interactive way.

Learn to be A Superhero

Our Superhero will Show the superhero moves and teach them to the children. They will put on superhero tattoos, play games like “Superhero Freeze tag” or “Superhero Says” or “Bat, Bat, Bomb” or “Spidey, Spidey Goblin” and Arm wrestling, and the children’s favourite “Tug Of War” The games he plays depend on the environment and the level of cooperation of the children. All superheros have a roster of 10 different games for different environments.

Autograph Session

The Super will have a autograph session where each child will receive an autograph colouring sheet and a sticker. For groups larger than 15 -20 the autographs with stickers will be given to the parents for the loot bags.

Birthday Gift

The Superhero presents the birthday child with a gift

(please note all gifts are superhero themed and my not reflect the particular superhero you have to your party, however when ever possible we do try to match the gift with the superhero.)

Photo Session

Its time to strike a superhero pose and smile for the camera. The superhero will have time to take all the pictures you need with the children and your family. If you need a particular shot just ask the super will be happy to strike a pose for you.

Superhero Oath

Now that all the children have completed their superhero training our superhero has all the children recite the oath.

Superhero farewell

It’s time to say goodbye, some bad guys were spotted downtown and he has to go fight crime! High fives for everyone and special goodbye for the birthday boy! If you wish to have the superhero? sing HB with the cake and pose for pictures with it- just ask at booking time or let the performer know when he arrives so he can budget time at the end.


Our Superhero parties are tribute parties we do? not claim to represent authentic Marvel or DC Comics characters. The performer has discretion to change the party depending on the environment and the temperament of the children. All gifts are superhero themed and my not reflect the particular franchise the performer is doing at the tribute party depending on product availibilty.

To book your party call 416-485-5048, e-mail, or book online