Pirate Party CJS

1 Hour Engagement ? Perfect for 3-9 year olds
Awesome Pirate Party

We have? awesome pirate performers who comes to your party where ever it is in Toronto and the GTA, Peel, Halton, York and Durham Regions!

Captain Jack Sparrow while sailing the high seas of Lake Ontario, he lost his crew in a fierce storm. He needs need a new crew, perhaps he can find some fierce pirates at your child’s party?

Grand Entrance

He will come in character and make a grand entrance he will greet the children and have a special welcome for the birthday boy and make a fuss over him throughout the party! It’s his one special day of the year!

Tall Tale on the High Seas

He will tell his story and find out if everyone wants to go to pirate school to learn how to be a pirate.

Pirate school

Everyone learns to be a pirate, games, songs, everyone gets a pirate name, pirate oath, pirate tattoos, pirate autographs, everyone gets some pirate treasure – a gold doubloon!

Happy Birthday – Sing Happy Birthday with the cake

Farewell– The Pirate is off to sail the high seas!

To book your party call 416-485-5048, e-mail planner@mypsp.ca, or book online