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Sammy is an actor based out of Mississauga who so far has specialized in film and television. He is also a writer and at truly, the biggest little kid you will ever meet. He has been acting since 2009 but also finishing up school (kids, take note!) and honing his skills as an actor ever since then. He trains in Toronto. He loves acting because it allows him to be free and creative with his imagination because let?s face it, where else can you be a pirate, a gangster, a scientist, a nerd, a jock, a crazy person, or even a boxer all at once and call it a job?
When he isn?t busy being obsessed with Jurassic Park and everything related to it (it?s the best movie ever), he?s training in the martial arts and working out. He started boxing in 2007 and eventually branched out and discovered new forms such as muay thai, savate, hapkido, Jeet Kune Do, and freestyle wrestling. He enjoys keeping fit but more importantly, loves that it all translates into the acting world. He is always learning, whether it?s by watching a new documentary or reading a new book. His philosophy in life is learn something new about the world each day and always respect the people around you. That?s the main reason why he loves being a superhero. Kids look up to guys like Batman, Spider-Man, and Superman because they inspire them to do good and always do the right thing. Sammy?s personal favourite superhero is Ghost Rider. Come on, how can you not love a flaming skeleton that rides a flaming motorcycle with a chain strapped around his chest while wearing leather?
Sammy really enjoys working with kids and seeing them smile. Kids are very precious and have to be respected because they?re always there to remind us that no matter how hard life may be at times, never forget where you came from and that there?s always room for smiles and laughter. He is always optimistic and likes to make people laugh. It also helps that he?s tall, dark, and handsome.

Client Comments:

I wanted to send a BIG thank you note to you and to Sam for making our son’s birthday such a wonderful experience!? I really appreciate your understanding in rescheduling and Sammy was AMAZING as Spiderman!? Leo and the rest of the kids had a blast, I can’t say thank you enough!
All the best,
Vanita, Oakville
Hello there
We just had Spiderman come to our house for my sons 3 rd birthday party. I just wanted to let you know he did an amazing job! The kids absolutely loved him and his personality was perfect!!
Thank you so much !!
Julie, Uxbridge
Just letting you know that all went well with Captain America he was great and that my sons were thrilled! They thought he was really CA and want him to come back to visit. He was wonderful with the children they all had a good time. Thank you,
Stacey, Oakville
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