Spidey, Batguy, Superguy & Pirate


James? is an actor and comedian from Toronto, Ontario. He?s tall. He lifts heavy objects quite well. He can breathe underwater (with the assistance of a breathing apparatus ? do not attempt at home). He has worked on feature-length films, short films and TV shows so far in his career. When he isn?t working on any films or TV shows, he enjoys writing autobiographies. He has trained and performed improvisational comedy at Second City Toronto, Bad Dog Theatre, Impatient Theatre, and Comedy Bar. He loves the creative freedom and laughter that improvisation has to offer. He has also been training and honing his acting skills in many studios around the city since 2009.

Somewhere inside this giant of a man, is a little kid. A little kid who likes Pok?mon, craves chocolate, and wants to stay up past 10pm. In the author?s humble opinion, the kid is spoiled. But James? access to his inner child allows him to connect with kids really well. He admires their unbridled creativity and imagination, and loves to encourage it. When he was a kid, he loved Superman and dreamed of playing Superman in a movie (still a work in progress, but only a matter of time). So he understands first-hand how much kids look up to all of the superhero characters. He makes sure to deliver a great performance for the kids, and ensures that they have a lot of fun throughout the party.

James has had training in the following martial arts: Muay Thai, Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, and Kali (use of swords, knives and sticks). He has been weight-lifting for 2 years. He has had experience with stage combat and gymnastics. Essentially, he can do a few superhero moves and look pretty cool at the same time. It also doesn?t hurt that he looks all superhero-y.


Comments From Clients

I? just wanted to send some feedback on the Spiderman person that came to my son’s birthday.
He was not only so polite to the adults :)? The kids just loved him and he fit the bill perfectly.? He was a great Spiderman and so good with the kids !? Thank you so very much for making my son’s birthday that much more special. Please send my thanks again to “Spiderman” !!

Maria, North York

I wanted to thank you for a wonderful performance by Spider-Man! The kids are still talking about how they loved him and want to be like him! Spyro keeps on asking me if I have his phone # so I can call him to come back!!! So funny! Thank you again and please thank Spider-Man too.

Tina, Toronto

Hello :)?I wanted to post on your website but didn’t see how to, just saying how much we loved Spiderman!! Not only the kids but the parents! He was so nice and funny, he played with the kids amazingly! He really went the extra mile to make my son feel special but also gave each and every child personal attention so they all felt important. Its not easy remembering 15 kids age 3-5’s names but he did! I was so impressed because I find it hard to remember sometimes lol. He was just awesome! We would definitely recommend him to others. He really made the party special! Please pass on to him how much we all loved him!
Thanks again for making my sons b-day party so memorable!!
Lynn, Oshawa

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